Save time, make money, and grow your business by taking payments natively in QuickBooks® with our custom-designed applications. Because, as a business owner, your time is worth a lot.

Lightning Payments® For QuickBooks & QuickBooks POS

Integrated payments within your POS or accounting software save you time and eliminate double data entry. Rather than a disconnected plug-in or a stand alone terminal, our direct data core integrations for QuickBooks POS and QuickBooks financial allow you to receive payments natively within the application. The great benefit you receive when we process these transactions is they are instantly recorded into the system with precise accuracy, in real time. So you never have to manually enter your sales data back into your office accounting system.

Mobile Payments

Accept credit cards wherever you are on your Windows laptop, tablet, or iOS device. Lightning can allow you to accept mobile payments in a quick and easy way so you never have to miss a sale when you are outside of your store. Our mobile product combined with our Overall Effective Rate Guarantee means you will also save money over the traditional flat rate mobile payment options.

IPLink® for QuickBooks Online

Linking your sales data automatically to your accounting is an important time saver for every small business. Instead of spending your evening manually entering sales data at the end of each day, allow ipLink to do the data entry for you in real time. ipLink works with QuickBooks® Online to offer a seamless way to accept payments and record them instantly.

Don't have QuickBooks Online? No problem! Our lighting payments application is integrated directly into QuickBooks Financial.

Gift Cards

Our Merchants enjoy unlimited, free gift card transactions supported by multi-store acceptance and tracking. We are even able to convert most existing gift card programs. Learn more about using gift cards to maximize your revenues.

Lightning Virtual Terminal

A virtual terminal provides a simple way to accept payments on your Windows desktop, laptop, or tablet. The lighting payment application offers a variety of secure payment devices to enable you to easily and securely receive payments right from your computer.

No need to launch a website or walk into the back room to swipe a card on a traditional countertop terminal. Now you can launch our app and take a payment in a fraction of the time. We support credit, gift, and the new EMV standards for credit cards. This can also work with mobile payment options including the new Apple Pay.

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