Pensmores QB Premier Can Organize Your Business Financial Data and Free Up Your Time

Posted by Jeff White May 16, 2014

iStock_000023692876SmallYour business income relies on the sales and services you provide to your customers. But it won't run smoothly if you don't keep track of your finances. You must document and monitor customers, inventory, transactions, accounts payable and receivable, and so much more.

You could put in hours of extra work inputting and analyzing your business data. You could pay someone else to do it for you, but doesn't it make more sense to upgrade to Pensmore's QB Premier. It's a software system that can organize your business finances with a lot less effort?  

Pensmore's QB Premier makes your business financial records easily accessible from a user-friendly dashboard. When you need the information, it presents it in an easy to read format. Because the software is compatible with and it combines multiple tasks, it will free up time that you can use to build your business the way you want to. 

Manage Sales

Sales are important to any business, but it's just important to keep the cash flowing. Pensmore's QB Premier can manage the elements of this important task by generating and prioritizing sales orders, tracking back orders, invoicing sales, completing batch invoices, and keeping track of your inventory. 

Process Credit Cards

When upgraded with Pensmore for QB, your business can process credit cards within QB Premier. When a credit card transaction is completed, the sales information is automatically added to your QB financial data. 

Email Customization

Pensmore's QB Premier built-in email lets you import contacts from Excel, Microsoft Office Accounting, and previous QB programs. It allows you to customize an email template, add multiple attachments, and easily send customized email estimates, invoices, and orders. 

Track Income

QB Premier allows easy access to the key details of your business income. At a glance you can view sales, pending invoices, estimates, orders, transactions downloaded from multiple banks, and more. Industry specific reports let you view key financial insights in a format tailored to your business.  

Just the Beginning

This list of Pensmore's QB Premier features is impressive, but it highlights just a few of the software's built-in features. With available upgrades, you can handle even more tasks such as employee payroll, payroll taxes, customer relationship management and other valuable services. 

Contact us for more information about this exciting financial management software. 

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