QB Pro Advisor: The Benefits

Posted by Jeff White January 30, 2014

quickbooks-pro-advisorWhat kind of managerial tasks do you find takes up most of your time? If you said payroll, payment processing, and financial documentation, you're not alone.

Many managers report that they lose valuable office time and time they could be spending on their businesses with these menial tasks. 

How can you better organize these tasks so that you can get on with your day? What you need is a QB Pro Advisor, someone who could whisper in your ear the right thing to do with your QB files and tasks.

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Efficiency vs Effectiveness

Posted by Jeff White November 21, 2013

imagesI have learned a lot about efficiency vs effectiveness; which should never be assumed to be the same.  I have seen owners of companies and employees of the like try to be effective at being efficient.  The fact of the matter is that most anyone can be efficient at tasks while not being effective at all.   The key differences are rooted within the results that are created from the activities.

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