Invest In Your Business for 2014

Posted by Jeff White March 28, 2014

Invest In Your Business for 2014 With the business climate steadily improving over the last 12 months, the economy is poised to take off in 2014! Is your business ready to have a great year? Having the right infrastructure to handle more clients can be the difference between being in the red or staying in the black.

Competition is fierce and customers have plenty of choices. What are you going to do to stand out from the crowd? See this website for reviews and more information.

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Restaurant POS Integration with QB Merchant Services

Posted by Jeff White March 7, 2014

iStock_000024935369SmallIn what alternate universe would a restaurant manager want to pull reports from his POS system, his wall-mounted time-clock unit, his accounting software and his merchant services processor and reconcile them all separately?  No such universe exists, but believe it or not small restaurant owners and managers engage in this redundant combination of tasks on a daily basis.

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QB credit card processing giving others a run for their money

Posted by Jeff White February 7, 2014

qbccpThere are many electronic credit card processing options out there– that, of course, want to integrate with QB – but they are not always friendly to the merchant that doesn’t have large volume. In addition to the per transaction fee and discount rate, there is usually a monthly fee. For an author selling a book or a musician selling a CD, that becomes prohibitive because there are no guarantees of sales.

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Merchant Services: Your One Stop Shop

Posted by Jeff White December 26, 2013

iStock_000002222209XSmallRunning your business is a full time job that comes with many benefits. Being your own boss, working for yourself and doing something you love are things that many people want to aspire to in life. Many new and old business owners underestimate the need for an integrated Point of Sale solution in a modern economy.

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