What 40 Million Credit Cards Can Teach Us About P2P Encryption

Posted by Jeff White April 11, 2014

What do we learn from 40 million credit cards?

iStock_000002077265SmallIf you happen to be Target, hopefully you learn the importance of P2P encryption (also called point-to-point or end-to-end encryption).

40 million is the number of credit cards compromised when hackers exploited the chain’s point-of-sale system. Target’s not alone, either. Michael’s and Sally Beauty Supply have joined the ranks of companies realizing that in this data-dependent economy, appropriate security is vital to business. The best way to avoid credit card data breaches is with P2P encryption.

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QB Premier: Staying on Top of Incoming Sales

Posted by Jeff White March 14, 2014

qb-premier-income-salesWhile tax season this year is almost upon us this year it is a good idea to make sure to be prepared next year. According to the Guardian G20 nations are aiming to increase their overall growth at a rate of about two percentage points over the next five years. This tremendous rate of growth means that opportunities for businesses are going to be increasing in a big way.

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Restaurant POS Integration with QB Merchant Services

Posted by Jeff White March 7, 2014

iStock_000024935369SmallIn what alternate universe would a restaurant manager want to pull reports from his POS system, his wall-mounted time-clock unit, his accounting software and his merchant services processor and reconcile them all separately?  No such universe exists, but believe it or not small restaurant owners and managers engage in this redundant combination of tasks on a daily basis.

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Pensmore Payment Software Has a New Tip Feature

Posted by Jeff White February 14, 2014

iStock_000019187562SmallWhen it comes to easily incorporating a customer's tip at the point of sale, Pensmore’s new tip feature works nicely. By tips, of course, we mean gratuities in appreciation for good service.

What follows are our own tips -- the easy steps -- that will help you to run the new Pensmore Payment Software Tip Feature:

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