Invest In Your Business for 2014

Posted by Jeff White March 28, 2014

Invest In Your Business for 2014 With the business climate steadily improving over the last 12 months, the economy is poised to take off in 2014! Is your business ready to have a great year? Having the right infrastructure to handle more clients can be the difference between being in the red or staying in the black.

Competition is fierce and customers have plenty of choices. What are you going to do to stand out from the crowd?

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Diverse software integrating with QB POS

Posted by Jeff White January 24, 2014

iStock_000032140060_ExtraSmallKaching is the familiar sound of the cash register as the barber presses a key. The register only goes up to 90 cents, so it may be the original from when he opened more than 50 years ago. The prices of cuts are more than 90 cents, they may be from the 1980s. Though, he still uses it, the old register is a relic, a novelty of a bygone from a much simpler time.

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More and more e-commerce solutions provide Integration to QB

Posted by Jeff White January 17, 2014

iStock_000025245089XSmall“With power comes great responsibility,” is a quote attributed to Franklin D. Roosevelt, but originally used by Stan Lee in the Spiderman comics.

QB is a powerful business accounting program, but great responsibility comes with knowing how to make all the features work for you. Even using a minimum of features can be beneficial, and beats going through paper receipts and writing things down. You also have to know which QB program is best for you.

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