for QB POS

IntuitivePay is Pensmore's fully integrated payment applications that works seemlessly for QuickBooks Point of sale.  Supporting processing for credit and gift transactions with better rates and world class technical support.  


Time Is Money  Integrated payments enable simplified sales processes custom designed to more efficiently run and grow your business with less time accounting for it.

Use What You Know  Our customized application follows the native work flow of your POS. We make it easy for you and your staff to minimize data entry errors by eliminating multiple payment entries between your POS and stand-alone terminal.

Data Core Integration  Our solution is not a plug-in for your POS, it is a fully integrated payment application that supports all native QB POS functionality.

Next Day Funding  It’s simple.  Process payments today, close your batch by 7 PM ET, and receive your funds the next business day.  Start increasing business cash flow and stop waiting for your money. 



Enhanced Security  We offer Point-to-Point card readers to keep your customers’ sensitive card data secure while protecting your business.   P2P Encryption is the most secure payment processing method available today.

Free Gift Card Transactions  Our complimentary service will save you money and help grow your business.  We’re able to convert most existing gift card programs already in place and support multi-store acceptance and tracking.

Superior Customer Service  We pride ourselves in delivering a world-class experience.  Pensmore is vested in the continued success of your business for years to come. 

Outage Protection  Enjoy payment stability through redundant processing platforms, Stand-in processing and IntuitivePay Mobile payment backup via iOS. You can rest assured of not losing another sale if you lose power or payment platform connectivity.